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Our attorneys have over twenty five years of experience helping clients plan for their, and their families' futures. We offer complimentary 20-minute phone consultations on estate planning matters. 

Estate Planning 

Preparing estate planning documents ensures your wishes are understood and followed.  A few moments of planning now can save hours of stress for your family later.   We handle most estate planning cases on a low-cost, flat-fee basis.  Our standard estate planning package includes:

  • Last Will - A will directs how your assets are to be distributed after death. If you have minor children, special provisions can be put in place to make sure their assets are taken care of until they are mature enough to manage their own assets.    

  • Medical Power of Attorney -  Having a valid medical power of attorney in place allows a trusted person to help make medical decisions in the event you are unable to do so (such as during an emergency medical event).   Taking the time to create this simple document can save crucial time when decisions need to be made about your care and can eliminate the need for a court appointed guardian should you become permanently disabled. 

  • Financial Power of Attorney - A valid financial power of attorney allows a trusted person to help manage your financial affairs if you become unable to do so.   Your power of attorney can pay your bills and preserve your assets during a time of disability.   Having a power of attorney can help avoid the need for a court appointed conservator should you become permanently disabled. 

  • Living Will / Medical Directive (often referred to as the five wishes) -  A medical directive gives your family and health care providers clear instructions on your end-of-life wishes regarding life support and artificial hydration and nutrition.   Taking the time to prepare this document now can save your family and loved ones from having to make agonizing decisions about your end-of-life care. 

We usually charge a low flat fee of $750 per person ($1500 for a couple) for our estate planning package.  Taxable estates (over $12.06 million) and estates with unusual or complicated wishes may be more. We offer a no-charge no-obligation 20 minute call to discuss your wishes and whether our basic estate plan is best for you.   Call 303-355-1141 today to schedule. 

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