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Our attorneys have over twenty five years of experience helping clients resolve disputes through Parenting Coordination, Decision Making and Arbitration

PC/DM and Arbitration

Whether you created your own parenting plan,  or the court devised one for you, you might find that you need help from time to time resolving disputes about how to interpret something in the plan or how to put it into action. These disputes can cause so much conflict between parents that your children suffer. A parenting coordinator, decision-maker and/or arbitrator can help. The goal of using a parenting coordinator/decision-maker is to reduce the risk of harm to the children by helping parents to work through disputes as they arise.  An arbitrator has broader authority to resolve disputes regarding all aspects of family law cases. 

Parenting Coordinator - Under Colorado law, the court is authorized to appoint a parenting coordinator, either at your request or upon finding that you have been unable to implement the parenting plan, mediation has either failed or is not appropriate, and/or the appointment is in the best interests of your children. 


The parenting coordinator works with you to help you reduce conflict with the other parent by communicating more effectively and more positively with each other. The parenting coordinator might also help you identify the sources and causes of conflict between you, and develop approaches to parenting that will minimize conflict.

Decision-Maker - For additional help in implementing and clarifying the parenting plan, you can also agree to the appointment of a domestic relations decision-maker. In Colorado, the court cannot appoint a decision-maker unless the parties agree. 


Once appointed, the decision-maker has the authority to make binding decisions to resolve disputes between the parties, including parenting time issues, specific parental decisions, and child support.  The decision-maker CANNOT, however, make decisions that will result in a significant change in parenting time or parental responsibilities.


When the decision-maker issues a decision, you have the right to request that the court hold a de novo (new) hearing to modify the decision.

When both a parenting coordinator (PC) and decision-maker (DM) are agreed to, the roles are usually filled by the same person, the PC/DM.  Often after spending time working with the PC, parents are able to work through their conflict and agree upon a resolution to their dispute, making a decision by the DM unnecessary.


A parenting coordinator/domestic relations decision-maker can be an invaluable resource that you can use to resolve family issues outside of court, break the cycle of conflict and learn new communication skills that will improve your family's quality of life.

Arbitration Arbitration is a process in which the parties agree to use a neutral person to make binding decisions to resolve disputes. In the area of family law, the parties can choose an arbitrator to make binding decisions regarding property and financial issues as well as child-related issues.

Many divorcing and separating couples want to keep their dispute out of court to the fullest extent possible. Because arbitration is more private and confidential than court, parties often feel more comfortable using the arbitration process to settle their marital disputes rather than airing them in open court.

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