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We are experienced in all areas of family law, estate planning and probate litigation. Click here to learn more!


Our attorneys bring decades of combined legal experience to your case.  Click below to learn more about our attorneys and staff and to schedule a no cost case overview or reduced fee consultation


Many couples wish to resolve their family law disputes amicably, through mediation, arbitration or other methods.   We offer caring, experienced assistance in these areas.


As family law professionals, we are always striving to learn and grow.  Check out our Blog for articles highlighting our practice and experience.


Caring, experienced advocacy in divorce, custody and probate cases 

With offices conveniently located near I-70 and Kipling,  Foothills Family Law has been representing clients in divorce, custody and support cases with decades of experience.   

Our attorneys are skilled advocates and trial attorneys.  With decades of combined trial experience, our attorneys learned their craft from some of the biggest names in Colorado family law and have tried over 100 contested divorce, custody, property division, support and contested probate cases.  

We also offer caring, experienced guidance to couples through mediation, arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution services such as Parenting Coordination and Decision Making. 

We understand selecting an attorney is a big decision.  We offer a 30 minute complimentary phone consultation or a reduced fee initial office consultation to discuss your case and how our firm can best serve your needs.   

Call today to schedule a time to talk about your case.  Don't go it alone.

Our Specialties


We offer seasoned advice on the key issues in a divorce, such as property and debt division, parental responsibilities, alimony and child support. We guide you through settlement discussions and if an advantageous settlement is not achieved, zealously represent your interests at trial. We also happily assist parties who have non-contested cases appropriately document their agreements for approval by the court. 



Allocation of parenting responsibilities (custody) is complicated as well as emotional.  We ensure that someone is advocating for you legally and helping you manage your emotions and passion for your children in a manner that is productive and shows you in the best possible light to the Court.  Our attorneys have 30+ plus years of experience handling hundreds of contested and non-contested child custody and child support cases.


Our experienced attorneys help guide families through the difficult transitions of divorce and child custody cases in a non-adversarial way through mediation. Mediation is informal, confidential, voluntary, and future oriented.  We also offers services as parenting coordinator/decision-makers (PC/DM) and arbitrators. 



Our attorneys can expertly guide you through the process of administering your loved one's estates when they pass and resolving disputes related to estate matters through settlement or zealous advocacy in court.  We also handle contested and non-contested conservatorship and guardianship matters.


Preparing estate planning documents ensures your wishes are understood and followed.  A few moments of planning now can save hours of stress for your family later.   We handle most estate planning cases on a low-cost, flat-fee basis.  



After a lengthy divorce or custody hearing, it may seem that court orders are set in stone. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, modification of orders often become necessary. When it comes to real life, things change. And when these changing circumstances arise, Foothills Family Law is here to help. We specialize in helping clients seek modification of custody and support orders and have assisted many dozens of client in achieving their post-decree goals


Location: 4251 Kipling Street, Suite 300 Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

Phone: (303) 355-1141

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