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Areas of Practice



We offer seasoned advice on the key issues in a divorce, such as property and debt division, parental responsibilities, spousal and child support. We guide you through settlement discussions and, if an advantageous settlement is not achieved, zealously represent your interests at trial. 

child and spousal support

The decision to enter into a marriage and/or have a child has potentially long term financial impacts.  We offer skilled advocacy to clients seeking spousal or child support as well as to clients being asked to pay support. We carefully examine the facts and circumstances of every case and advocate for our clients' long term financial well being. 


Our primary focus is providing full-service representation in divorce, custody, child support, adoption and other family law matters.  In this type of representation, we represent and advocate for you at every step of the proceeding.  This type of representation begins with an office visit and preparation of a written agreement detailing the scope of the representation.  We then draft and file all necessary pleadings and disclosures, engage in negotiations and prepare for and attend all court appearances on your behalf.

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child custody

Allocation of parenting responsibilities (custody) is complicated as well as emotional.  We ensure that someone is advocating for you legally and helping you manage your emotions and passion for your children in a manner that is productive and shows you in the best possible light to the Court.  Our attorneys have 20 plus years of experience handling hundreds of contested and non-contested child custody cases.

non-contested cases

If you and your spouse or child’s other parent have fully agreed on the terms of your divorce or custody arrangements, we can assist you in preparing, filing and finalizing your non-contested case paperwork (including court appearances) for a low flat fee while ensuring the the agreements are properly documented and binding. 

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If you are looking for legal guidance, without the expense of full representation, we offer family law coaching to individuals in divorce, custody and child support cases at an affordable hourly rate.  We offer a one-hour coaching session for a flat fee of between $190 and $290 per hour (depending on the attorney) or $150 for clients who have never had a coaching session before. Payment is due at the beginning of the session.

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property division

Under Colorado law, a court is to divide marital property equitably.  It is important to understand the factors a court may consider when determining what is equitable.  Equitable does not necessarily mean equal.  We carefully analyze and advise our clients on property division issues including skilled advocacy regarding special issues like business valuations, stock options, retirement accounts and complex investments. 

Post-decree matters

After a lengthy divorce or custody hearing, it may seem that court orders are set in stone. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, modification of orders often become necessary. When it comes to real life, things change. And when these changing circumstances arise, Foothills Family Law is here to help. We specialize in helping clients seek modification of custody and support orders and have assisted many dozens of client in acheiving their post-decree goals

pre- and post-nuptial agreements

Colorado has adopted the Uniform Marital Agreements Act.  Parties may, with full and fair disclosures, determine how or whether their assets will be divided in the event of divorce.  Marital agreements can be entered into both PRIOR to or AFTER a marriage but must meet strict technical guidelines.  

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