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Flat Fee Divorce

Non Contested Divorce & Custody

If you and your spouse or child’s other parent have fully agreed on the terms of your divorce or custody arrangements, we can assist you in preparing, filing and finalizing your non-contested case paperwork (including court appearances) for a low flat fee.

Typically, a non-contested divorce case can be resolved with a single office visit. If you do not have children or if your spouse is also represented by counsel, no court appearance is required.  If there are children and either party is unrepresented, then you have to appear in court at least once to finalize your case.

Non-contested custody cases (for parties who have never married), typically are resolved in a single office visit and one or two quick court appearances.

If you decide to use our office for your non-contested case, it is important to note we can only represent one of the parties.  Even though the parties have agreed on everything, it is still a conflict of interest for an attorney to represent both parties in a divorce or custody case.   If you are seeking help with drafting agreements and court documents together, we would be happy to refer you to a highly qualified mediator.

Flat Fee Pricing*

Pricing for non-contested cases is as follows:

Divorce (no children) -> Flat attorney fee  $1226 + Court Filing Fee  $224 = Total fee $1450

Divorce (with children)  -> Flat attorney fee $1326 +  Court Filing Fee $224 = Total fee $1550

Custody (parties not married)-> Flat attorney fee $1226 + Court Filing Fee $224 = Total fee $1450 

*Pricing includes only non-contested services.  Any negotiation or other legal work is additional.  E-filing fees of between $13.50 and $103.50 and other costs may be additional.

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