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Family Law Resources

Free Family Law Resources

There is a great deal of information about family law on the web. Some good, some bad, some just plain awful.  Following are links to family law resource sites that we have found useful over the years.

As always, before you believe anything you read on the web, please check with a trusted source (like a lawyer at Foothills Family Law during a no-obligation no-charge 20 minute phone consultation):

Mediation Services

Family Solutions Center, LLC – Experienced and affordable mediation, parenting coordinating and decision making services.

Divorce Resolutions LLC – Experienced and highly effective divorce mediation.


Court Approved Forms

Colorado State Judicial Family Law Forms – forms prepare by and approved by the Colorado Judicial Department for use in Colorado family law matters.

Free Legal Research

Colorado Statutes (Laws) –  Online version of the Colorado Revised Statutes, Constitution and Court Rules.  Most family law matters in Colorado are contained in Titles 14 and 19.  (the Uniform Dissolution of Marriage Act begins at C.R.S. 14-10-101).

Google Scholar – Google Scholar indexes many legal publications and articles.  Select ‘advanced search’ to limit your search to Colorado.

Legal Information Institute – Free service of Cornell University.  Full text access to US Code and other codes, cases and articles.



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